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Inova Care Asia will be rolling out new tools in the coming weeks to assist members in navigating their health and dental care needs. These tools include a newly designed Inova Care App as well as Member Web Portal. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the Inova Care provider network panel in your area, please contact the customer care telephone number on the back of your Member ID Card.



Joint Press Release by UCrest & Inova Care


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Revolutionizing the Future of Digital Healthcare Inova Solutions and Inova Care Execute Regional Alliance with UCrest 

22 April 2019 │ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Inova Solutions Limited, Inova Care LLC and UCrest Berhad are pleased to announce that they have executed a collaboration agreement to develop and distribute UCrest’s portfolio of innovative and technology-driven health care products and services in North America and Asia on a mass and niche basis using multiple distribution channels. 

Headquartered in the United States, Inova Solutions and Inova Care are the leading medical insurance Third Party Administrator (TPA) and consulting companies with offices in the United States, Asia Pacific and Middle East countries. Inova has a network of thousands of hospitals and clinics in Asia Pacific countries and the United States where they process millions of medical claims each year for several multinational insurance companies and self-insured clients. Inova Solutions is highly regarded for its ability to design innovative and market-driven products and services for insurance companies that are unique to each targeted market segment. 

Under this agreement, Inova Solutions will expand UCrest’s offerings within the health insurance industry and represent UCrest in all North America insurance and health care business valued at over $10T USD by integrating UCrest’s technology and i-medicTM programs into Inova Care’s digital strategy. UCrest i-medicTM online medical services including chronic disease management, e-prescription and digital EMR will be incorporated into insurance products that will be through multiple distribution channels.

John Le Boeuf, Founder and CEO of the Inova Group of Companies and Eg Kah-Yee, Chairman and CEO of UCrest have a shared vision that digitalization will continue to revolutionize how health care is delivered, accessed and administered globally.

“For many people in North America and Asia, affordability is the major impediment to quality health care. This collaboration will deliver affordable and high-quality health care options to individuals across the entire socio-economic spectrum” said Mr. John Le Boeuf.

“i-medic’sTM revolutionary technology is years ahead of what’s available in the market today and will be able change to change the access and delivery of healthcare services and substantially reduce the overall healthcare cost in the system,” he added. 

With the productization of i-medicTM technology into various insurance programs, this will allow hundreds of millions of people in North America and Asia Pacific to have better access to quality healthcare and improve lifestyle,” said Mr. Eg. “This will also rapidly expand the use of the i-medicTM technology in the main stream market globally”, he added 

About Inova Solutions and Inova Care 

Inova Solutions ( was established in 2002 and is the parent company of Inova Care and Inova Digital Technologies. Inova Solutions specialize in developing strategic solutions that contribute to the value chain for health care providers, insurers and members worldwide. Inova Care ( was formed in 2002 to develop and implement integrated health and dental care management, technology and administration solutions for insurance companies and corporate clients. Inova Care’s corporate purpose is to export effective elements of the US managed care industry to help international insurance companies gain greater control over their loss ratios and improve profitability. 

About UCrest 

UCrest is the leading mobile health platform developer and operator with its i-medicTM Cloud Hospital used by thousands of doctors and patients in the US, Russia, China and other Asian countries. i-medicTM is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and knowledge-based technology for comprehensive analysis of the health data of users to produce timely and accurate health information. 

For more information about this collaboration please feel free to contact Kevin Chua at and